A Conversation on Balancing Entrepreneurship, Love and Ambition with Diamonde

One of the questions female entrepreneurs ask me the most is:

“What’s it like to be an entrepreneur, business woman AND a wife?” I think my answer always surprises them, “It’s amazing! It’s awesome. I really love it.”

Apparently, there’s a stigma about being in a relationship and being a business woman. Most people seem to think you can’t have both, but I’m here to be let you know that you can. I’m here to SHOW you that you can.

With the launch of #100FemaleEntrepreneurs this summer and the help of Diamonde Williamson, author of You Deserve More Miracles, I thought it was an excellent, and necessary, time for me to answer this question:

“How do you balance love and ambition as an entrepreneur?” So today’s video includes a few simple ways to help you live in harmony as a dominating female entrepreneur and a loving wife if this is a challenge for you.

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Founder, #100FemaleEntrepreneurs

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