Our Gender Reveal

Our Ferris Wheel Gender Reveal

As we crossed into the safety zone of our second trimester, it was time to start thinking about our gender reveal. I knew I wanted it to incorporate the spirit of Atlanta, my city that I truly adored but I was stuck on how to bring it all together and make it make sense. My husband came up with the idea of doing it at the SkyView ferris wheel downtown. When you are pregnant at 35 and up or what the medical field likes to call,  “a mature momma”, you are tested throughout your pregnancy way more frequently. I actually had the test results of my baby’s sex at month two. So I had to sit on this secret for longer than my nerves could bare. Luckily the results were stored in my online patient portal, which I let my brother log in to and he was able to set up the details of the gender reveal with the ferris wheel company. Doing it this way allowed my husband and I the opportunity to surprised right along with your family and friends at the reveal. 

The night was beautiful. One thing to remember is that you have to do the ferris reveal once it gets dark so the light show will shine vibrantly. We had our guests meet at the wheel and had our out of town family log onto our Facebook live so they could get in on the fun. After everyone rode the ferris wheel, we stood below it and watched the pink and blue light show on the wheel until it ended up on the last color which was blue (#TeamBoy). I’ve included some of our pics below.

Theme: Curious George

STYLED BY: F.I.L.A. *wink*

Occasion: Baby Gender Reveal

Location: SkyView Atlanta


Photography: Shawn Bell 

Video Of Our Crazy Countdown: https://www.facebook.com/thegarnercircle/videos/a.10160126181835051/10160126182375051/?type=3


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