Selected As A 2018/2019 “Know Better Live Better” Mom Ambassador

Today me and my son, Azai, had the beautiful opportunity of shooting our first mother/ son campaign for the Know Better, Live Better project. Becoming a mother is so transformational and it has changed the way I look at the world around me. We all know that chemicals are everywhere, but we don’t always know which ones influence/impact our families health. @KBLBATL has made it their mission to inform Atlanta based, pregnant women and mothers on everyday actions we can take to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in our worlds. This is a Black woman focused initiative in connection with @cchemm. I’m excited to join forces with the Know Better, Live Better Social Impact Campaign right in time for Children’s Environmental Health Day (Oct 11). As a brand ambassador I look forward to sharing real tips, because when we know better, we live better! Stay tuned for more tips to help you make better decisions around the home for your little one.  #kblbatl #protectkidshealth #ChildrenAtTheCenter #CEHday